Chill Benefit & Golf Tournament

We are blessed to know a very special family, for whom friends, family and businesses in our community are rallying to provide hope and comfort during a very difficult time.

Griffin and Logan Chill are 22-month-old fraternal twins, born to longtime Oklahoma citizens and high school sweethearts Karlee and Jeff Chill. In March of this year, Logan began having unexplained seizures.  After a month in the hospital running various tests and trying a host of medications, the seizures could not be controlled nor a cause identified. Logan was able to return home to begin physical therapy while Karlee and Jeff anxiously awaited genetic test results to provide a diagnosis. After a second stay in the hospital for little Logan, the family received the test results and the devastating diagnosis that Logan has Alpers’ Syndrome.

Alpers’ Syndrome is a progressive, neurodevelopmental disease caused by a genetic mutation, occurring in roughly 1 in 100,000 people. It is passed on through two healthy parents who are simply both carriers of the recessive gene. Most affected by Alpers develop symptoms within the first two years of life. There is no cure for or method to slow the progression of Alpers. Most who are diagnosed do not live to see the following year.

Not long after receiving the diagnosis for Logan, Karlee and Jeff also received the unimaginable news that Griffin also carries the gene mutation and has Alpers. His symptoms have yet to present themselves.

Karlee and Jeff are going through a trial that no parent should have to face, but they are not doing it alone.  We as their friends and family are doing everything possible to surround them and lift them up with support, love and prayer. To soften the medical expenses the Chills are facing and to celebrate the lives of Logan and Griffin, we are holding a golf tournament and evening out on Monday, Oct. 22. The event will include a silent and live auction, wine pull and raffle. All money raised will go to help support the Chill family in this time of need.

To make this event as successful as possible, we are seeking financial sponsorships and in-kind donations from individuals and businesses. Examples of support could include sponsoring a hole at the golf tournament, donating a bottle of wine for the wine pull or donating a vacation, sporting event tickets or restaurant gift card for the silent auction. The event has a non-profit tax ID, so all donations are tax deductible. Donation forms can be found at www.GLChill.com. For more information or to discuss how you would like to help, please click the logo above or contact Ainslee Crum at (405) 819-6067, or email GriffinLoganChill@gmail.com.

Thank you for helping us celebrate the joy Logan and Griffin have brought to so many and the courage and faith of their loving parents.


Friends of the Chill Family

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